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Zach Knott

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This ongoing series is a response to my feelings of degeneration over the last year of intermittent UK Coronavirus lockdowns, addressing the world at large and my personal outlook on life. 


I spent most of this year at my isolated family farmhouse in Sharpness, situated in the South West countryside. Bouts of self-isolation were punctuated by the exact same walk I went on every day, through areas of dock-side industry, both active and historic, and the abandoned ‘Vindicatrix’ Merchant Navy training site. 

I did not take my camera on these walks at first as it was the same walk I had been going on for the last 6 years of my life. But beyond the monotony of the familiar I began to notice the slow decline and subtle changes since the first time I took this route.


Having no end in sight for the end of this isolation, although I was very aware of the compositions I continually passed, I felt no hurry to capture them. The images from this series have been considered multiple times and were taken over a period of months. 

Portraits in Isolation
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