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Rosie Carne

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Rosie is a documentary photographer and uses subjects and stories that are personal to her. This enables her to immerse herself into subjects.

Salix is an ongoing series about the Willow Tree, the tree has a lifespan of only twenty years. Documenting the change of a selection of the trees in Bristol throughout the seasons and how they adapt to change. The change nods to the change as a population we have had to do over the past year. The project has become a form of therapy for myself through using the walking to these locations and the time I've spent with the Willows as a form of meditation.

Four in Five explores the life of my brother James in our family home in Surrey. James has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome since the age of 6 and throughout his life he has been misunderstood by the education system, friends and family. This explores his life as a young man drawing away from the negative connotations with people on the Autism Spectrum. Documenting his life at home and the environment he is in.

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