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Natalie Bewley

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Natalie Bewley is a documentary and portrait photographer that has been focusing her recent project ‘Siblings’ on her family archive and how this was reflective of her own childhood with her sister but does not feature her other siblings. 


Being the eldest of seven children, some of the age gaps between her and her siblings vary from four years to twenty years. 


As the eldest of seven siblings, Natalie was interested in exploring how she relates to her siblings within her blended family. She had not lived with or grew up with many of her siblings and was interested in seeing their home environments from their perspective. During the pandemic access to the siblings was difficult, Natalie decided to give her siblings disposable cameras to photograph their home life. 


As restrictions lifted, Natalie developed her approach to take portraits of her siblings in their home environments after seeing how they photographed their environment from their perspective. The images within this photobook are a mixture of photographs by her siblings and her own environmental portraits. 




I began working with actors in the studio exploring their use of character and performance. I experimented with long exposure, flash photography in a dark space and also multiple exposure film images to explore the actor’s identity, the character and performance.


As a continuation of this work with the actors, I looked  at how colour theory can have an effect on a emotion of a performance and how these different colours might make the viewer respond to the performance in a still image.

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