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Mimi Spendiff

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Mimi’s work explores conceptual themes that incorporate linear light, texture and movement to examine contexts such as mental health and memory. Using various mediums to interpret the landscape and relationships around her, Mimi’s work seeks to engage in conversations surrounding the benefits of using art as a therapeutic tool. Her recent work Dawning follows her own monthly cycle and experiences with PMDD from beginning to end, narrating the changing variations during the cycle using both sculpture and photography. PMDD is categorized as a severe and chronic condition that appears around the time of the monthly cycle, affecting women both mentally and physically. Currently, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder or ‘PMDD’ remains vastly understudied and commonly misdiagnosed, leaving many women isolated. Dawning aims to open up further conversations surrounding PMDD and other menstrual disorders.

Memories keep us alive, and slip seamlessly in and out of our consciousness. Past + present is an exploration of these memories and is an abstracted body of work responding to the family archive. The images were recreations of the archive, and alternative responses to current touch and connections with others, exploring new relationships made in the last year

PMDD is a condition that so many women have, yet so few know that they do. After being diagnosed with PMDD myself, I wanted to explore the conversations between women and myself visually. The work is conceptual and documentary in nature and looks to explore the nuances of the cycle and condition, using multi-discipline formats to inform the photographic response. The work also looks at art as an opening for both mental and physical release

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