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Kaya Oatley

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Kaya is a Bristol based photographer who's practice is rooted in research into sociology, psychology and general social theory.  This research is then used as a base to create photography around issues and communities close to her heart.  Her recent work  focuses on camgirls and the multifaceted  and complex experience it can be, with some finding true empowerment and freedom through it. She is also currently working on Bathtime, a series  of images made in her bathroom with the people she lives with and exploring these relationships through  the childhood lens of play and dress up. 

“It has always been important to me to be well informed in the things I decide to explore, especially when people are involved. It also helps that I am truly fascinated by the human mind and the human condition, and my photography has always been an extension of that. A way to understand and connect with people.”

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