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Karolis Salkauskas

Karolis (more often referred as Charly) is an architecture, portrait and street photographer. He photographs environments and portrays them in a modern light. Most of his inspirations come from the neo-noir cinematic style, known from films like: Blade Runner, Sin City, etc. Charly does not stick to one technique of representing his style of photography, but rather experiments with different methods depending on the situation or the feeling he wants to portray.

Contemporary Context is a compilation of photos taken throughout 2020, following the theme of how modern-day life has changed.  From the buildings surrounding us to the way we have to present ourselves in social environments.

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Distancing from one another, hiding our identities behind masks is a part of our day-to-day routine.  Some found solace in silence others were drawn to paranoia. All these factors shape how we view modern day life.

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