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Joe Barton

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By The Hour is my personal reaction to the chaotic nature of post-truth society during these uncertain times under the Covid-19 pandemic as well as recent years of political turmoil. My images are a reflection of the lack of trust and reliability surrounding news and information in the past year as well as in the previous half-decade.


I look for absurdity in mundane suburban and urban environments, finding subjects that look like they shouldn’t exist in the real world as a way of visualising the bizarre experiences society have lived through in the past years. Undertaking this project has been a therapeutic way for me to explore my anxieties around broad world and national affairs by simplifying the chaos down to one compact frame. I hope people find humour in my work as well as being able to dwell on the sacrifices we have all made for the fight against the pandemic as well as just pushing on with life through the political madness of recent years.

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