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Frankie Haworth

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Frankie’s work predominantly centres around the urban environment of modern city life, focusing on structure and architecture together with human interaction and movement within these spaces. For this final year at university he has been investigating the relationship we have with the urban environments around us, looking specifically into how people who practice the sport of parkour view and move through spaces differently. His work often combines the fast-paced movement of people, and the rigid structures of urban architecture.

This work comes from a project focusing on parkour and the use of movement in the urban environment as a form of expression. The work captures the incredibly fast paced, technical and challenging movement involved in the sport and also looks closer at the athletes themselves in the form of portraits.

These works focus on the urban landscape itself, from its construction to its harsh and brutalist nature. The work looks at the intriguing compositions that can be found in modern day cities, playing with layering and negative space.

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