Eluned Michael-White

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We All Fall Together 

Eluned is a photographic artist who primarily works with analog. her most recent work has been focused around nature, reimagining the landscape to create her own worlds and narratives. 


Eluned’s current project entitled We All Fall Together is a project that looks at our relationship with nature. Taking inspiration from the story of Adam and Eve and The Fall of Man it draws similarities between their story and the one we find ourselves in today having taken too much from the garden we are living in. The earth’s climate has really stayed somewhat consistent over many centuries however it has only taken a small change in temperature to have a massive effect on the climate of the earth. 


In this project Eluned creates a world of beauty, darkness and decay with the occasional appearance of Adam and Eve representing man and woman in a world where nature is dying. Adam and Eve were supposed to be the caretakers of nature and we have not lived up to the job. Collectively we are taking our environment for granted and in recent years the consequences of this have become increasingly obvious. With our summers getting warmer and are winters wetter We All Fall Together creates a cautionary tale that can not come soon enough.