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Delphi Ross

Delphi Ross

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Man Up

I began this project with the intention of taking a deeper and more intimate look into men’s mental health, a subject area close to my heart but never explored. 


I chose subjects ranging from men who play a huge role in my life to complete strangers to see if my presence would effect their honesty with myself, the project and themselves. 


My own gender and role within the work was challenged as I actively chose to become outsider of my own project. I made myself as vulnerable as I made my subjects. 


Through image, text and video I was able to experience a new world of male vulnerability and the damaging effects of telling men to ‘Man Up’.

The North Sea

A commission I worked on with a local fashion designer. An exciting editorial working with a group of young creatives celebrating the arts in the North of England. An area sometimes overlooked within the industry.


Shot in several locations around the North East, working with models, designers and MUA’s to celebrate the beauty of our little part of the world.

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