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Alanya Kemp

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I have always felt a close connection with animals, sometimes more than I feel with people! In an exploration of my companionship with animals, this project gives a window into my personal connection with several horses in my hometown in Devon.

A lot of these horses are almost completely unhandled, making them more unpredictable than the average domesticated horse. I have learnt how these horses communicate with one another and thus how to communicate with them as well as I can. It is through this continual learning that I began forming bonds with them and understanding each individual. I explore this emotional and physical closeness through my work by using colour, shape, light and physical proximity to my subjects.


I hope my personal relationships with these majestic yet imposing animals is a leading element to my imagery, and that my work gives someone who hasn’t spent time with horses the ability to feel this intimacy themselves.

A small selection from Alanya’s project ‘Heresy’ which looked at women using crystals, dreamcatchers, divination, meditation and other ‘magickal’ items in their day-to-day lives

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